Brad Ball

Agency principal/owner, CMO – McDonald’s USA, President Theatrical Marketing Warner Bros Pictures, Vice President Entertainment Marketing –NASCAR.

In my 40+ years as an agency guy and a client, I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to work directly with living icons of business, sports and entertainment.

The learning I’ve taken away from the likes of Ray Kroc, Jerry Levin, Jeff Bewkes, Brian France,  and the success these brands achieved provide a rich backdrop for my keynote speeches, panel discussions and direct interaction with your company staff.

I incorporate a heavy mix of personal storytelling that share the insider stories of developing winning and losing strategies for some of the largest brands on the planet.

Benefits of inviting me to speak to your team or industry event:

  • Story rich experiences built around success and challenges in the QSR industry – McDonald’s, Entertainment – Warner Bros. Motion Pictures and America’s most loyal fan following, NASCAR.
  • Transferable learning supported with unique video and film elements.
  • A healthy Q&A to create an interactive exchange between the audience and myself.
  • First hand stories of developing winning and losing strategies for some of the largest brands on the planet.

Each talk is tailored with specific goals in mind – not a canned stump address with a simple title slide and date.

If you want to check my availability for your event, or if you have some questions, please feel free to call me at (626) 793-0042 or email me: brad@silveradvertising.com

Brian Morris

Agency owner, CEO, CMO, and Creative Director with nearly 40 years of experience on both the agency and client sides of the marketing and advertising industry

There are very few advertising and marketing executives that have had as many, or as diverse, hands-on client experiences as I’ve been lucky enough to work on and manage over my career. A few of the many major categories that I’ve become familiar with and skilled on include Financial (Countrywide and Great Western Bank), Hospitality (Hilton, Best Western and Pala Casino), Automotive and Motorcycles (Ford and Honda), beer and wine (Dos Equis, Anheuser-Busch, Gallo, and Mondavi), Grocery (Von’s, Pavilions, and Safeway), Packaged-goods (Nestle, Lawry’s, Dole, Del Monte, Neutrogena and Hunt-Wesson), Travel and Tourism (Tourism Australia, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Asiana Airlines), Retail (El Pollo Loco, Circle K, Sizzler, 76 gas stations, and the California Lottery), Sports Equipment (Callaway  Golf and McGregor Golf), Home Building and Luxury Real Estate (KB Home and IMI Resorts), Entertainment (L.A. Dodgers and Legoland), Healthcare (Health Net and Secure-Horizons), and Corporate (Weyerhaeuser, ConocoPhillips and Life Technologies)

A number of these clients included a senior target audience which helped me hone my skills and develop consumer insights for the marketing consulting we offer clients at Silver Advertising. Specifically, they included clients in the Financial, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Luxury Real Estate, and Sports Equipment categories.

Benefits of inviting me to speak to your team or industry event:

  • I’ll be anything but boring. My talk will be informative, interesting, upbeat and fun. (I’ve sat through too many dull and uninspiring talks to do that to anyone else)
  • My talk will educate, motivate, entertain and provide specific “how- to’s” as it relates to the senior market.
  • The dos and don’ts of marketing to seniors will be especially valuable learning.
  • Relevant personal stories and mini-case studies are a unique part of my talk. Having developed marketing strategies with industry icons such as Eli Callaway, Ernest Gallo, Robert Mondavi, Larry del Santo (Von’s), Richard Frank (Lawry’s), and Angelo Mozilo (Countrywide), boy do I have stories to tell!
  • Q & A, especially with a topic that’s as “new” and growing as marketing to seniors, will always be an integral part of my talk.

For more information, check me out at Silveradvertising.com. If you want to discuss a specific opportunity for your event, or if you have any questions, please give me a call at (310) 560-8307 or email me at brian@silveradvertising.com.